Let me start by welcoming everyone to the blog. I had hoped to open things up on a more positive note, but I had some interesting photos I thought I’d share with everyone this morning.

I woke up to a call from one of the Spry partners. There was ‘Really big news’ that I had to hear right away. I finally wrested the fact that our office had been broken into. I wish I could say this was an unfamiliar feeling, but this happened about two years ago as well. Last time all that was taken was a laptop and my headphones..

This is what I saw as I drove into the parking lot this morning:Spry Lot

Now last time they broke in, a rock was thrown through the little window in the bottom right of this photo. This time — a bit more drastic.
Poor Spry ;(

Whoever rammed the door was here for a pile of Dell boxes that they saw sitting through the glass. They grabbed 4 Dell Poweredge 1950 servers, 4 19″ LCDs, and 2 Dell E521s. All of these items were brand new in the box, and unfortunately not hidden very well. Our reception desk is just out of frame to the left, and that PC was not taken. I’m in the process of calling insurance/police. This will unfortunately delay adding additional server capacity to our VPSLink server pool for a few days. Sorry folks.

If anyone happens to see some Dell servers popup on craiglist please let me know :)

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