The 75th running of the ‘24 hour of Le Mans’ was this weekend, a sports car race held in France. It looks like experience and the ability to expect the unexpected came out on top once again. Audi won the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year, tacking on an additional win to their seven-year streak. However, many thought Peugeot was going to finish at the top. They were the new kid on the block and quick. And though they did quite well, Peugeot came in second place. It was a good lesson in judgment for all: just because something is new and quick doesn’t mean it can handle the rigors of the endurance race.

The same can be said of keeping a server farm running. Experience plays a large role in success since it offers the knowledge to “win” or to perform consistently over time, not merely be reliable in short bursts. This is why choosing the right vendor is so important. Without a stellar server uptime, you cannot hedge your bets on success. It is always best to go with the vendor with the know-how to maintain a server and provide consistent monitoring. And while our servers are by no means slow, it is apt to think of the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady—or more precisely, experience and consistency—win the race.

Server uptime is important and essential to the health of your website. While Peugeot was the favorite for their newness, they did not match up to the long-running precision of Audi. The same can be said of our company. Spry has the experience and the knowledge to maintain our servers for the long haul.

Audi won this weekend, and so will our customers well into the future.

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