For all VPSLink users: a few new OS templates were released today.

LXAdmin’s HostInABox hostinabox screenshotis a turnkey ready to go fully featured control panel similar to Plesk or cPanel. The price is free, and it is designed to run on an extremely low memory footprint. A feature list follows:

  • Based on Lighttpd, djbdns and pure-ftpd
  • 9MB RSS and 15MB memory usage on bootup on openvz.
  • On the fly switch to apache and back to lighttpd
  • Feature complete: has http, https, smtp, pop, imap, webmail,mysql, php, cgi, dns, spam, ftp,crond, directory protect, mailing list, web site statistics
  • Advanced Desktop
  • Per Domain Php configuration
  • Based on php5 and mysql5
  • Daily Updates
  • Scale to million hits per day, using fastcgi
  • Blazing php performance using php-fastcgi
  • Per domain configuration of cgi or fcgi
  • Advanced Backup/Restore
  • Parked/Redirected Domains
  • InstallApp: The largest Integrated application installer in the industry with 125 applications

ArchLinux 0.8 was also added. Some notes on Arch have been borrowed from Arch’s wiki regarding the ‘Arch Way’:

  • Lightweight and simple. Note that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone….
  • NOT designed as a newbie distro; it’s intended for more experienced users. The aim is to develop Arch into as nearly a perfect base as is humanly possible. A base doesn’t include fancy tools and auto configuration mechanisms, but rather contains manual configuration tools and few functions, for the users to further develop and/or learn on their own.
  • A free gift, again, “…to give a little something back to the free software community, from which I’ve taken so much.” When you receive a gift from someone, it’s usually expected to give something in return. As such, users are welcome to contribute their ideas, tools and suggestions.
  • Aware there are two sides which contribute to Arch Linux: Developers and Users. Don’t expect the two sides to merge, but to have a mutual relationship whereby anyone can pick up what they want to add to their machine; our GOALs are to:
  • NOT let configure tools / GUIs control the system, but that they be controlled by the user. There is nothing wrong with GUIs as long as they follow this principle.
  • NOT be controlled by or dependent on what tools offer. When developing or selecting a utility tool, it should be written in a hackable/readable programming language (KISS) to enable users to modify it if they so choose.
  • The core development of Arch Linux will NOT be providing any “newbie-friendly” GUIs/utilities at any time in the near future.
  • We humble developers will continue to provide Arch as a solid base for everyone and anyone. If you guys want to make it pretty, give ‘er a rip. Free speech, free beer, and all that.
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