Well HostingCon 2007 Chicago has come to an end. The conference boasted packed lectures, over 1000 knowledge-hungry attendees, and week-long networking opportunities with the hosting industry’s top executives and companies.

HostingCon 2007

Overall I think it was a well put together event, that presented a lot of opportunity to meet with other like minded professionals. I do feel that alot of companies were saying the same thing, or developing the same service/product that their competitors were. There was of course an exiguous amount of companies leading the way in innovation, however overall I believe that many companies in this industry are simply treading water. Either waiting to be bought out or grinding out revenue with their current customers for as long as they can. I do have to keep in mind though that many people in the industry like to keep what they are working on very close to the vest, for fear that the idea will spread like wildfire throughout the industry if it is talked about to much. The gossip that spread through the convention would rival that of my old high school!

All in all, HostingCon turned out to be just what I wanted it to be. A nice break from routine, a great networking opportunity, and some insightful lectures here and there from some industry leaders. I hear that they are going to have it in Chicago again next year. I wish nothing but the best for next year!

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