Instant Provisioning

Recently I asked one of our employees to sign-up for several of our competitors product offerings. Before you jump to any conclusions, it was simply to test responsiveness of our competitors — not to get accounts and find out what features they offered :)
The first 24 hours:
3 Auto-responders from billing systems
2 Companies provided no feedback
1 [...]

I’m Todd Gunsolley, the Support Manager here at, and I wanted to share with you a few thoughts about technical support and customer service, for the industry as a whole, as well as here at Spry and VPSLink – this will be a post in two parts, in this part, I’ll cover my history [...]

Well, it’s been a month since we first announced our “super cool but not very responsive so I blame Nintendo” Wii gaming console contest. I know it couldn’t of been my fault, it had a catchy name and everything.
Here are the cards received, we want to thank.. both of you.. very much for the kind [...]

As a sales guy for Spry, I see almost every new order that comes through our system. It’s my job to catch the fraudulent orders and make sure they don’t get activated and that the actual cardholder gets his or her money back. I sometimes feel like somewhat of a superhero; sticking it to the [...]

Like all consumers, I love to find a great deal on something I want. And like most consumers, I research the object of my desire before I buy. I research everything; from shoes to cars, motherboards to airline tickets. I even research things like potential neighborhoods that I may move into (everyone should do this, [...]

Thank God it’s Spry day!

My name is Brian Winkle and I am the office manager for Spry. I came on board back in April. I found the job on craigslist. What caught my eye was the location of the office, it said exit 7-405, the same exit I live off. I had no idea there was [...]

The Evolution of Web Services
Remember the dot-com days of the Internet?
Ah, the heady days of Altavista and Netscape, of <blink> tags and home-pages, when the Internet was a way to bridge the gap between your employees and your customers… The Information Superhighway exploded at the seams with sites dedicated to everything from kids and cats [...]

Google, robots.txt and sitemaps

Like it or love it, Google remains the dominant force in SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). Ignoring it could result in lowered rankings and lower visits to your sites.
It is well worth investigating Google’s webmaster tools pages for a great resource in helping to optimise your sites – or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as it [...]

Well, Debian turned 14 on the 16th of August.
That takes some thinking about. Although the number of Linux users has increased greatly in the past few years, it’s easy to forget how old the technology actually is (in relative terms). The Linux kernel we so love was Linus Torvald’s brainchild and has it’s own birthday [...]

Ruby on Rails is becoming more and more popular and whilst it remain a very powerful tool in any web developer’s arsenal it is still a young framework.
Rails v 2.0 will be a milestone release not only due to a great many enhancements but due to a change in the default behaviour of the [...]

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