The Paper Trail of Wireless?

So you decided not to buy the new Iphone online because you just couldn’t feel comfortable about your security eh? Should you really be that concerned about your identity being stolen online through purchases that, lets face it, are put through secure connections utilizing ‘https’ at the beginning of the address? Here are [...]

System resource monitoring is one of those ‘black arts’ in Unixland that many dabble in, but few really master. Few of us ever need to go beyond top to find out what’s affecting the performance of a server, but there are other aspects of monitoring system resource usage where top is worthless. In addition, a [...]

MS-DOS 5 Upgrade Video

All I can say is wow!

PostgreSQL authentication

When PostgreSQL is installed, it has its own user added, usually postgres or pgsql. By default, just this user will be able to connect to a datatabase, and without a password. If you are running as root, you can su to the postgresql user using ‘su – postgres‘, then run ‘psql databasename‘ to connect.
You may [...]

In recent weeks, I’ve seen many domain registrations come across my desk where the registrant provides false or incorrect contact information. Let me just get this off my chest:
There, now I feel a little better…
Let me break it down for you like [...]

Last week I wrote to you about my experience in the web hosting industry, focusing in particular on my observations about the range of technical support and customer service philosophies that I have had direct experience with. This week, I’d like to expand on those ideas by outlining the support philosophies that we have [...]

After using Apache for a while, you are probably tired of “less’ing”/”grep’ing” your log files. You might want something a little more flexible and efficient. How about having the logs in a database table, one field per column? Now that would be an improvement. Several of your Virtual Hosts already use MySQL, and it’s about [...]

Go Seahawks!

Last night I watched the Seahawks beat the Raiders at the Qwest field with some co-workers, thanks to Cameron. We started the evening at the Spitfire, one block up from our office. Everyone had a few drinks and around 6.30 we decided it was time to head to the game which [...]