Brian Winkle - Those are owners boxes… ;) ;)Last night I watched the Seahawks beat the Raiders at the Qwest field with some co-workers, thanks to Cameron. We started the evening at the Spitfire, one block up from our office. Everyone had a few drinks and around 6.30 we decided it was time to head to the game which started at 7pm just like everyone else. We got to the right bus stop but the buses were full and traffic sucked. So 5 guys decided to pack into a cab during the traffic jam and the other 5 took the bus. The cab ride was slow and uncomfortable to say the least. We got there five minutes before kickoff. I split from the group and got fresh drink at the bar one block from Qwest field, which is were we should have started the evening. After my refreshing beverage I headed on over to watch the game. Our seats were on the 300 level. This meant a lot of stairs to climb. So I was the last one in the group to make it but I only missed the first 10 minutes of the game. Party was on! The Seahawks did a great job in this pre-season game, coming out on top 19-14. GO SEAHAWKS!

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