A few more years down the road,  and the response to some of your stories to your children could be “What’s a GPS?  Pager? MP3 player??”

Anymore it seems as though the cellular network has almost become the backbone of human existence. Forget oxygen my friends, without a cell phone (You know, that dangerous radioactive smoking gun that could spark your next nearest fuel explosion in your car) and you’re left high and dry.

With ever developing technology and/or the copying of it, it would appear as though the cellular companies are actually going to outdo any technical gurus that play in the same electronic market.  If it talks, the cell has it.  If you can record the video, yup, your cell has it.  If you want to share your life photos, that’s right, your cell has it.  So why stop there?  Who said we have!

Some of you may already be walking around with cell phones that can now track you via a GPS link and let your friends & family know your latitude longitude.  Pretty impressive right, but wait, it gets better.  Have you been watching the news lately?  Nokia, one of the large manufactures of cellular phones in this country has just purchased the GPS map provider  Navteq in its bid to secure the GPS cellular service.  Now your cell phone can outdo your MP3 player, video recorder, photo album, and even your GPS system.

I’d guess that in the coming years, our cell phones will be sold based upon your career path.  Police may have breathalysers at a fingertips notice, doctors with medical journals via phone, and who needs an extra key chain weapon when your phone may just have pepper spray where your antennae use to be!  Who needs passports, it’s in your phone!

Just my 2 cents on what’s to come.

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