It’s no secret the internet realm has expanded over the last ten year period, so should it be very complicated nailing a good ‘Remote Contractual Position’ working from your own office? If you aren’t familiar with the way of the world, then in reality yes, it’s that difficult.

For starters, most people in todays workplace feel that anyone who works from home so to speak, is a slacker. It’s just not a commonly accepted practice and one that people tend to look upon as being a ‘bum’. If you think about it, the stereotype is correct, because in one sense people can be very lazy staying at home, or home office. Being a person who’s relied upon to get a job done, and do it well from home, that means you must be that much more responsible. Lets face it, no company wants a star employee taking a Young and the Restless break every 30 minutes right?

Now let’s find the job for you. Since there are so many positions online thanks to the net’s expansion, it’s that much more of a challenge sifting through the true positions with the, for political correctness we’ll say ‘small’ positions. By small I’m not referring to someone being a nobody, I’m simply stating that it’s those who try to look like a large corporation, yet offer you nothing in return.


Offering 0 benefits such as Medical, Dental, 401k

No salary

No hourly rate

Pay on a per ticket basis

Offer commission rather than a weekly paycheck


Offer full time salary

Some offer overtime and holiday perks

Your schedule is set in advance

Possible 401k or education benefits

Offer substantial benefits for Medical, Dental

Significant employee base

So in order to find a real position, you look online at different hosts, graphic design firms, server companies, etc. There are plenty of companies to go around so time is definitely on your side. What isn’t on your side is this, the small companies over saturating your ‘real’ job prospects. For example sake, lets use the site . It’s a great source for web related conversation, tech support, reviews, and as always employment notices. Ever try searching through these? Good luck! It’s unfortunately loaded with plenty of jobs, but not always a real career. You must be diligent in your search for the right company for you and your family if needbe. Sure, some might find the smaller positions beneficial for your time frame and financial needs, but for many wanting that life-long partnership with a reputable firm, it can take a serious amount of eye strain searching through these notices. You’ll see a large number of advertisements by employers or something along those lines. Your work will be cut out for you, as each offers a significant array of pay scales, offerings, and incentives. I’m willing to put money on the fact however that in all, of possibly 2 pages of searching, you may find one job prospect.

If you’re lucky enough to find someone or someplace that seems to be a great fit for your needs and experience, I recommend you attack it with all of your motivation. Show what you’re made of, display some persistence, and most of all, don’t think you’re going to be pampered if you’re working remotely. Everything is a give give situation. Although people will bend for you, be prepared to bend more to make it work for them. Remember, employers want someone who gets the job done. They want someone ready to role, no training required hopefully, with the ability to work with 0 supervision. Obviously in todays world we all are supervised, but the dream is still alive. Wouldn’t it be nice to hire an employee that you knew worked until the blood ran dry and needed 0 guidance? Ok, so maybe that’s far out there, but it’s what everyone wants. So if you’re successful in finding a good home that keeps your personal account happy each week, don’t forget how to be flexible to guarantee you’ll still have a position a month from now.

Remote will always be a term in todays online world, but turn-over rate is always a shadow. Find your position, make your mark, and don’t get lazy!

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