We’re proud to announce our newest product offering on VPSLink, XEN VPS accounts! After a month long beta we’ve ironed out the issues, and are ready to release this product to all of our users. XEN is a virtualization technology that provides several new features to our users:

  • Swap Space
  • Full control of iptables
  • Ability to load kernel modules
  • Enhanced Java support
  • Console access for troubleshooting

Users will manage their XEN VPS via our tried and true Control Panel. Our CP interface allows users to manage all functions of their VPS including:

  • Start/Stop/Reboot VPS
  • Install / Re-Install your VPS
  • Manage DNS records (including reverse DNS entries)
  • View your used bandwidth
  • File support tickets

VPSLink will continue to support OpenVZ VPS as our flagship product.

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