An OpenSSL key vulnerability for Debian 4.0 and Debian-based Linux distributions was published on May 13th, 2008. This vulnerability has the potential to affect any systems which trust keys generated by Debian 4.0 and its derivative operating systems.
Please see the Debian and Debian-based Distribution Security Notice posted on the VPSLink forums and the SSL [...]

In keeping with our goal of releasing the latest Linux operating systems as they become available, Fedora 9 “Sulphur” has arrived at VPSLink, along with a LAMP-flavored template for rapid deployment.
If you run a Fedora VPS and have been procrastinating an upgrade, now is definitely a good time to backup your VPS and roll out [...]

Two years ago, VPSLink was formed as a new branch of the services we have offered at Spry since 2002. Our goal for VPSLink has always been simple: deliver reliable access to high-end hardware and raw performance capabilities with streamlined prices.
We have dedicated ourselves to our simple goal, thousands of Linux users have signed on [...]