In keeping with our goal of releasing the latest Linux operating systems as they become available, Fedora 9 “Sulphur” has arrived at VPSLink, along with a LAMP-flavored template for rapid deployment.

If you run a Fedora VPS and have been procrastinating an upgrade, now is definitely a good time to backup your VPS and roll out with a fresh installation Fedora 9. (Fedora Core 6 “Zod” – released in late 2006 – is no longer supported with updates and will likely be leaving the VPSLink rotation soon)

What’s new in Fedora 9? Take a look at the Fedora 9 Release Notes – the Fedora Project team has been busy (and, while most of the updates are geared toward Fedora as a desktop operating system, you’ll likely find the addition of recent MySQL, postgresql, and perl versions to be useful in maintaining stability and performance on your VPS).

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