After careful consideration, we’ve decided to move away from offering Webmin VPS plans to new Spry customers in favor of giving users of the Webmin platform the option of hosting with VPSLink.

Why the change?

Spry’s focus has always centered on providing top-quality shared web hosting and reseller VPS hosting with strong support. All of our hosting offerings – including our cPanel shared hosting, cPanel VPS hosting, and Plesk VPS hosting plans – cater to the needs of individuals and businesses who need website hosting (as conveniently, securely, and quickly as possible).

We’ve found that Webmin VPS users were right at home with Spry hosting, though they rarely needed the added benefit of a 24/7 support department and were often quite comfortable installing, upgrading, and tweaking Webmin on their own. Webmin’s flexibility allowed it to be used for a variety of applications aside from web hosting (which, in turn, inspired us to offer some new hosting options for advanced Linux users).

Enter VPSLink – the new addition to Spry’s brand – with unmanaged VPS hosting that fits the bill for Webmin installations with an even greater variety of popular Linux operating systems.

Over the last two years we have watched interest in the Webmin VPS at Spry shift towards the VPSLink service, and we would like to take this opportunity to give Webmin users the fully-configurable virtual private servers they’ve been looking for at VPSLink while re-dedicating the Spry brand to website hosting and web hosting reseller VPS solutions and the support you’ve come to expect from our diligent support team of technicians.

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