VPS Hosting Sale

VPSLink Winter Forecast Calls For Sale

The winter forecast is often glumly predictable: clouds, rain, snow, sleet, and – inevitably – plenty of time spent to indoors to avoid the weather. We decided (perhaps in response to the gloomy weather or being cooped up indoors for too long) that it was time to brighten things up with a winter sale.

We’ve reduced the pricing on our most popular VPS hosting plans, with savings of up to 25% on the Link-3.

What does this mean for you?

  • You can host your next LAMP or Ruby on Rails project on your own virtual private server for less than $20 per month with a Link-3
  • WHM / cPanel VPS hosting for resellers on the Link-4 plan just became even more affordable at VPSLink at less than $30 per month before licensing fees on the Link-4 when you prepay for one year
  • Our sale pricing (cumulative with any existing – *ahem* referral program *ahem* – discounts) offers the best pricing you’ll find at any reputable VPS hosting provider

If nothing else, we are hoping that this sale will brighten your day and give you something to stave off winter boredom and cabin fever (it may already be too late for us) when you sign up for a new virtual private server or upgrade your existing service’s plan or billing cycle to take advantage of our winning prices.

Compare VPS plans to find the hosting bargain that’s right for you, but don’t sweat it if you would like to take your time deciding – like most forecasts ours isn’t set in stone, but you can count on these sale prices through March 31st April!

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