Spry VPS Hosting Coupons

Looking for the best deal on VPS Hosting?

Look no further – we have two 50% coupons good for your first month at Spry when you sign up for one of our new Dedicated-Disk VPS and Dedicated-Node VPS plans or opt for any new virtual private server at our New York City datacenter.

We’ve re-engineered our top-tier plans with increased memory allocations, brand-new Dell hardware, and dedicated resources which remove the potential for disk contention from busy virtual private servers on the same hardware node.

Coupon Code: PREMIUM50

Our 4096 Dedicated-Disk VPS provides you with your own RAID-1 disk array for reliable performance and redundant stability while our 8192 Dedicated-Node VPS consists of a virtual server running on its own dedicated hardware node (think “dedicated server” without the potential for a botched configuration locking you out for good).

Coupon Code: NYC50

Our New York City datacenter has been up and running for several weeks’ worth of testing and we’re convinced that it will meet the high expectations you’d have for any Spry service. We’re offering 50% off your first month on any of our standard plans – we’re limited to the space on-hand out in NYC (we’ll do everything we can to keep ahead of demand with new hardware in the racks) so find the VPS Hosting plan that suits your budget and save 50% when you sign up before 10/1/2009.

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