Death of a Decade

A few more years down the road,  and the response to some of your stories to your children could be “What’s a GPS?  Pager? MP3 player??”
Anymore it seems as though the cellular network has almost become the backbone of human existence. Forget oxygen my friends, without a cell phone (You know, that dangerous radioactive smoking [...]

Thank God it’s Spry day!

My name is Brian Winkle and I am the office manager for Spry. I came on board back in April. I found the job on craigslist. What caught my eye was the location of the office, it said exit 7-405, the same exit I live off. I had no idea there was [...]

Well, Debian turned 14 on the 16th of August.
That takes some thinking about. Although the number of Linux users has increased greatly in the past few years, it’s easy to forget how old the technology actually is (in relative terms). The Linux kernel we so love was Linus Torvald’s brainchild and has it’s own birthday [...]

History of Spry (Part 2)

In July of 2003 Spry moved into our first office space which we shared with NameIntelligence. It was quite a feeling of accomplishment at the time. It really helped us realize that we weren’t doing this as a hobby, or a side gig, that Spry was for real. If I recall properly at the time [...]

History of Spry (Part 1)

I’m often asked about how Spry came into being. I’ve told the story many times, but have never taken the time to write it down.
Especially around Seattle people have heard of the name Spry. Spry was founded in the 90’s by a Seattleite by the name of David Pool. Spry was a software company and [...]