Happy Halloween from Spry and VPSLink

Abby and Tyler from DomainTools were kind enough to carve us a beautiful Spry pumpkin for Halloween. The staff of Spry would like to wish each of you a safe and happy Halloween!

As a sales guy for Spry, I see almost every new order that comes through our system. It’s my job to catch the fraudulent orders and make sure they don’t get activated and that the actual cardholder gets his or her money back. I sometimes feel like somewhat of a superhero; sticking it to the [...]

New office

I’m proud to announce that Spry has officially moved into the Seattle downtown area! This is a major move for Spry that will allow us to facilitate the continued expansion of our staff. We’ll be having a move in party for local customers and vendors in the first part of August — stay tuned for [...]

Cinco de Mayo at Spry/Domaintools

Happy Cinco de Mayo. Here is a behind the scenes beating of the pinata after lunch from the staff of Spry and our neighbors DomainTools.

Thieves strike again

Let me start by welcoming everyone to the blog. I had hoped to open things up on a more positive note, but I had some interesting photos I thought I’d share with everyone this morning.
I woke up to a call from one of the Spry partners. There was ‘Really big news’ that I had to [...]