The latest additions to the VPSLink Linux OS template library are our Debian 4.0 Apache/Ruby on Rails stack and Debian 4.0 nginx/Ruby on Rails stack templates.
These two templates replace our CentOS 5, Fedora 8, and Ubuntu 7.10 lighttpd/Ruby on Rails templates. While we have curtailed the range of preconfigured operating systems, the option to install [...]

In keeping with our goal of releasing the latest Linux operating systems as they become available, Fedora 9 “Sulphur” has arrived at VPSLink, along with a LAMP-flavored template for rapid deployment.
If you run a Fedora VPS and have been procrastinating an upgrade, now is definitely a good time to backup your VPS and roll out [...]

The ‘Remote’ Market

It’s no secret the internet realm has expanded over the last ten year period, so should it be very complicated nailing a good ‘Remote Contractual Position’ working from your own office? If you aren’t familiar with the way of the world, then in reality yes, it’s that difficult.
For starters, most people in todays workplace [...]

The Paper Trail of Wireless?

So you decided not to buy the new Iphone online because you just couldn’t feel comfortable about your security eh? Should you really be that concerned about your identity being stolen online through purchases that, lets face it, are put through secure connections utilizing ‘https’ at the beginning of the address? Here are [...]


Short Description

Product: Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
Plans starting from $7.95/mo
VPSLink was created to offer a low-cost fully self-managed VPS option. If you are looking for a pre-installed control panel, third party application support, or are unfamiliar with VPS technologies, we would suggest purchasing your VPS hosting from Spry.

Product: Shared [...]


Overview is a privately held company that fosters leadership and personal advancement. We reward employees who are enthusiastic about technology and dedicated to the company’s mission.
Spry’s corporate headquarters is located in Renton, Washington just across Lake Washington from Seattle. The Puget Sound region is home to numerous influential and high-profile technology firms, which has enabled [...]