We’re proud to announce our newest product offering on VPSLink, XEN VPS accounts! After a month long beta we’ve ironed out the issues, and are ready to release this product to all of our users. XEN is a virtualization technology that provides several new features to our users:

Swap Space
Full control of iptables
Ability to load kernel [...]

The Evolution of Web Services
Remember the dot-com days of the Internet?
Ah, the heady days of Altavista and Netscape, of <blink> tags and home-pages, when the Internet was a way to bridge the gap between your employees and your customers… The Information Superhighway exploded at the seams with sites dedicated to everything from kids and cats [...]

Well, Debian turned 14 on the 16th of August.
That takes some thinking about. Although the number of Linux users has increased greatly in the past few years, it’s easy to forget how old the technology actually is (in relative terms). The Linux kernel we so love was Linus Torvald’s brainchild and has it’s own birthday [...]

Ruby on Rails is becoming more and more popular and whilst it remain a very powerful tool in any web developer’s arsenal it is still a young framework.
Rails v 2.0 will be a milestone release not only due to a great many enhancements but due to a change in the default behaviour of the [...]

I’m Tres Wong-Godfrey, one of the SysOps guys here at Spry. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing about VPS hosting and why — no matter how big your business gets — it is an excellent choice for business hosting. In this first look at VPS hosting I’ll take a look at how [...]

Ubuntu 7 and Fedora 7 launched

A quick update for everyone. Fedora 7 (apparently they have removed core from the name) and Ubuntu 7 (Feisty Fawn) are now available for installation on VPSLink. We will be adding a page to the Wiki in the next few days with more details on what is changing in our OS templates.

It’s been a long time in the coming but VPSLink has released new OS templates! Below you will find a list of the new available templates:
● centos-5-i386-LAMP
● centos-5-i386-default
● debian-3.1-i386-LAMP
● debian-4.0-i386-LAMP
● debian-4.0-i386-default
● fedora-core-6-i386-LAMP
● fedora-core-6-i386-default

We’re still working on Ubuntu and will update the community as soon we have a hard ETA.

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