We’re happy to announce the availability of the newest release of our Ubuntu VPS. Ubuntu released the official availability of Gutsy Gibbon just a few short days ago. We have three versions of Ubuntu for you to pick from: default server image, Ruby on Rails, or LAMP. Our Ruby and LAMP stacks include everything you [...]

We’re proud to announce our newest product offering on VPSLink, XEN VPS accounts! After a month long beta we’ve ironed out the issues, and are ready to release this product to all of our users. XEN is a virtualization technology that provides several new features to our users:

Swap Space
Full control of iptables
Ability to load kernel [...]

For all VPSLink users: a few new OS templates were released today.
LXAdmin’s HostInABox is a turnkey ready to go fully featured control panel similar to Plesk or cPanel. The price is free, and it is designed to run on an extremely low memory footprint. A feature list follows:

Based on Lighttpd, djbdns and pure-ftpd
9MB RSS and [...]

Ubuntu 7 and Fedora 7 launched

A quick update for everyone. Fedora 7 (apparently they have removed core from the name) and Ubuntu 7 (Feisty Fawn) are now available for installation on VPSLink. We will be adding a page to the Wiki in the next few days with more details on what is changing in our OS templates.

It’s been a long time in the coming but VPSLink has released new OS templates! Below you will find a list of the new available templates:
● centos-5-i386-LAMP
● centos-5-i386-default
● debian-3.1-i386-LAMP
● debian-4.0-i386-LAMP
● debian-4.0-i386-default
● fedora-core-6-i386-LAMP
● fedora-core-6-i386-default

We’re still working on Ubuntu and will update the community as soon we have a hard ETA.

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